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Qualaroo for Agencies

Watch this introduction to understand how Qualaroo helps agencies increase their clients' website conversions and overall business results.


Get important insights about the choices users make while navigating your client's website.

Understand user intent

Uncover objections and hurdles

Profile visitors and personas

Target specific users and behaviors


Act on the insights that you uncover with Qualaroo to influence user behavior.

Run smarter A/B tests

Prompt valuable actions

Address conversion issues

Target specific users and behvaiors


Improve results in real-time without the hassling your client.

Two-minute installation

Unlmited users and domains

Permission-based account access

Single interface for multiple clients

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Improve your clients' results dramatically

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“Once the code snippet was on the page, I could experiment until I found something that worked really well.  20% of all new user signups on are now a direct result of Qualaroo.”

Ryan Fujiu 
Head of Growth

+1 (650) 762-9592

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Plans & Pricing

Number of targeted visitors per month

Unlimited Surveys and Nudges

Number of domains

Number of users

Advanced targeting/reporting via API

Integration with Google Analytics



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* Serve multiple clients from a single account